Wingman Autonomy

adaptive, intelligent systems
powering vehicles which
reliably deliver mission goals

What we do

We build human/AI teaming systems for autonomous ground, maritime, and aerial applications. Our intelligent, adaptive technology delivers on human goals across a vast range of environments and tasks.

Our systems understand what you want done, and find a way to do it. We merge semantic, task-based understanding with perception systems grounded both in the environment and the task objectives.

Our systems power logistics and delivery systems, detect and resolve undersea anomalies, and enhance warfighter and pilot safety in the air, on the ground, and in the water. Get in touch and see how our human/AI teaming technology can help your team succeed.

Human-Adaptive Autonomous Vehicles

Our systems use human concept models to convert human instructions into autonomous success

Human/AI Teaming is Here

AI Systems designed to serve and empower humans

Semantic Autonomy

Many of our solutions leverage the power of language to understand and enact human intent

Better AI through Language

Our work – and research in the field of AI – shows that AI solutions can be more adaptive and generalizable when they incorporate language

Wingman Autonomy

We work with a range of clients to deliver impactful autonomy solutions, and would be delighted to discuss how we can deliver solutions to your challenges. We have delivered virtual and real-world solutions for logistics, security, and adaptive autonomy challenges. From self-flying, self-navigating drones to autonomous vehicles, our team can rapidly adapt our core AI technology to get you where you need to go.

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