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We collaborate with BEONCHIP, in an R & D project, bringing closer together AI analysis and Organ on Chip technology. The BEONCHIP team is specialized in the design, prototype and industrialization of microfluidic devices for cell culture and organ-on-chip.

We will be presenting a grant together with BeOnChip specifically on AI implementation in image analysis of heart on chip.

Institute for Biological Research

We collaborate with Laboratory for Molecular Neuro-Oncology at Institute for Biological Research on Project: Investigation of cellular and molecular mechanisms of glioblastoma pathogenesis, its invasion and response to therapy.

The Laboratory for Molecular Neuro-Oncology’s primary research interests are focused on investigation of cellular and molecular mechanisms of glioblastoma pathogenesis, its invasion and response to therapy as well as other types of cancers, lung, breast, thyroid and colorectal carcinomas. Areas of expertise include preclinical in vitro and in vivo testing of novel anticancer compounds, on both a pharmacodynamic and mechanistic level. Areas of interest include studying cellular and molecular mechanisms of resistance to anticancer agents and potential for overcoming such treatment failure.

The Laboratory’s research is focused on developing in vitro models for studying drug resistance and screening compounds with drug resistance reversal potential. Current projects include the development of innovative 3D cell culture platform for improved drug screening, therapy optimization and selection of personalized treatments. Fluorescent and confocal microscopy are routinely used in the lab, generating a large amount of data that we use for development and validation of our AI platforms.


We have ongoing relationships with a number of trusted institutions across the life sciences. Let us know how we can help, we are open to exploring new opportunities and collaborations.

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