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Our Projects

We Collaborate with Institute for Biological research in 3D cell cultures and tissue engineering project. Institute for Biological Research developed an innovative 3D glioblastoma (GBM) cell culture model for studying GBM behavior and response to therapy. It is a customized 3D GBM cell culture grown in alginate microfibers and perfusion bioreactors that recapitulates key histological features of GBM.

Challenges for cell analysis:

  • Predict live/dead cells based on bright field images (Label free images)
  • Segment and predict cell number in each cluster based on label-free images
  • Multi-parameter readouts: cell count, spheroid/cluster volume, diameter, fluorescence intensity, distance between cells

What was done by Wingbio until now?

Prediction of live/dead cells based on bright field images

Benefits of wingbio ai model

  • Reduces the need for the use of multiple markers and fluorescent labels – analysis based on bright field images (label free images)
  • Reduces the need for time-consuming image analysis and manual cell image segmentation
  • Improves accuracy by reducing subjectivity and variability
  • Enables detection of subtle features, producing higher quality data in comparison to manual analysis

Outstanding advantage of our AI model compared to others:

  • High accuracy with small datasets


We have ongoing relationships with a number of trusted institutions across the life sciences. Let us know how we can help, we are open to exploring new opportunities and collaborations.

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