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Wingman is your own, personal AI agent, working – and playing – alongside you to help you achieve more than you ever could before. Wingman doesn't just learn from data – it learns from language, and by following what you say. And the more you teach it, the better it can help you achieve your goals.

It will transform the way you think about AI.


AI that serves and empowers people

We’re building AI that enhances human capability by learning from human actions and language – AI that’s dedicated to serving human goals. It adapts to you. It evolves with you. Wingman puts the power of AI in your hands, and under your control, so that you can achieve extraordinary things.

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First human-AI teaming in cooperative video game – hits shelves later this year

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AI agents are making incredible progress in games like DOTA2, but we're taking things one, huge step further. For gaming, Wingman's a game-changer.


Wingman agents work for you, listen to you, and serve you. Send them into battle or take them on an adventure – they'll keep learning to become your perfect teammate.


For serious gamers - or those wanting to get to know a new game without playing like a newbie - Wingman is the future. These aren't bots - they're an evolution of gaming.

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Transforming gaming and NPCs

Wingman Mode is gaming, evolved – human-agent teams that conquer challenges and battle against other Wingman teams, opening up a whole new universe of play.

Wingman also fires NPC creation into the future. You can create dynamic AI agents that learn from your natural language instructions – enhancing games faster than ever before. The only limit is your imagination.

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