Ready to experience the future?

You might have heard how AI’s are making waves in gaming. You might even have seen a team of them, live at the DOTA2 International. But you won’t have seen anything like Wingman.

Wingman is an AI agent that learns from you. It listens to natural language, not lines of developercode. And it keeps on listening as you play together. Keeps on learning. As it plays alongside you, itgets better at following your orders, and becomes your ultimate gaming partner. In time, it’ll be thebest multiplayer teammate you’ve ever had.

The possibilities are never-ending. You’ll conquer missions with a team that never stops improving.You’ll head into battles and tournaments against other human-agent teams. And you’ll be playing a game within a game – coaching your Wingman while achieving your goals.

The Wingman concept is in its infancy, and about to take the gaming industry by storm. So, if you’rea serious gamer, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It’s time to become a game-changer.