World-first human-AI teaming in cooperative video game – hitting shelves later this year

London-based Wingman AI Agents Limited, a world leader in human-voice-directed AI technology announced today that it has formed a collaboration agreement with The Knights of Unity, an innovative and professional game development studio for Unity software, on the launch later this year of one of the Knights of Unity’s upcoming games titles.

This “couch co-op” style game is slated for a world-first in human-AI teaming in games, putting deep-learning AI agents directly in the hands of players, posing novel and entertaining human-AI coordination challenges to succeed in the game. Players will be able to play with their friends, and will also have the option of having the AI play alongside them, listening to their commands, and doing its best to obey and help out the human players. The feature is expected to go live with the game’s launch in later this year, once it has passed the Knights’ stringent quality standards.

Wingman AI Agents Ltd have built a novel human-AI teaming platform that blends advanced deep-learning AI technology with human language and semantics to create agents that learn from, adapt to, and empower people in a vast range of areas. Wingman’s recent partnership with ThayerMahan in the maritime and defense space shows how human/AI teams can enhance human capability in port and maritime security, and this games application of the technology proves that the agents can empower people in a vast range of areas.

Regarding this exciting new partnership, WingmanAI founder, John O’Malia stated:

“WingmanAI is very excited about our partnership with The Knights of Unity. Their forward-thinking management team have an incredibly good feel for how to blend this exciting new generation of human-directed AI with proven game dynamics, and create a showcase that will delight players. We think it’s time players had a chance to get hands-on with the latest AI technology, but with the player in control and in partnership with the AI, not just battling a machine.”

The Knights of Unity is a leading provider of professional Unity development service. Founded in 2015 in Wroclaw, Poland, The Knights currently employ 60 full time staff, 30 of which are experienced Unity developers (4-9 years of commercial experience in Unity). With over 80 projects completed in 4 years, The Knights of Unity keep the card clean, having delivered 100% of the signed agreements, making them one of the most reliable Unity development service providers in the world.

Piotr Sobolewski stated:

“The Knights of Unity are more than excited to be working with Wingman.AI and utilizing its tremendous potential in our game. It is clear to us that Wingman’s technology can change the face of gaming, empower and entertain players, and take entertainment to a whole new level – and we want to be a part of it from the beginning. We are working on “Wingman mode” human/AI teaming, and expect to bring it to the co-operative game we’ll be launching later this year. This is just the beginning of the human/AI teaming journey in gaming, and we are delighted to be leading the way in this space alongside Wingman.AI. We expect to help many other game developers and studios activate Wingman mode in their games over the coming year”