The Tech

Shape the future – simply by being you

AI is changing the world. But so far, the only approach has been to develop agents that growautonomously through reinforcement learning.

These data-hungry bots are solving new problems every day, but one big question continues to check their progress: Why can’t they think like humans?

The short answer is because we still don’t entirely understand how we think. Our common sense,our logic, our ability to grasp abstract concepts from our earliest years – there’s so much that can’t be reduced to lines of code or rows of data.

Wingman flips the autonomous AI model on its head. We believe the only way to create AI agentsthat truly think and strategize like we do, is for us to teach them – and to design them to serve us.

Wingman puts this revolution into the palm of your hand, and lets you shape the future simply by being you.