ThayerMahan Teams with WingmanAI on Artificial Intelligence Initiatives

Groton-based ThayerMahan Inc., a world leader in autonomous maritime security solutions announced today that it has teamed with WingmanAI, a leading developer of artificial intelligence solutions in the gaming and simulation industry, to pursue defense and maritime related AI solutions for a myriad of projects and applications. ThayerMahan is a leading developer and proponent of distributed, autonomous platforms and sensors that can perform a variety tasks related to maritime domain awareness.

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The Department of Defense recently released its strategic doctrine – Harnessing AI to Improve our Security and Prosperity – outlining the significance of artificial intelligence applications in the modern battlefield. Massive data streams arriving at light speed will quickly overwhelm modern warfighters in future high-tech conflicts. Machine learning techniques must be implemented to solve the data fusion and data management challenges encountered by tactical decision-makers on the battlefields of the future. Artificial intelligence alone cannot solve these challenges without the assistance of human intuition and experience. WingmanAI’s patented application of human-assisted AI, coupled with over 200 years of operational military experience by ThayerMahan personnel, will be targeted to address the mandate outlined by DoD in its strategic doctrine – “The women and men in the U.S. armed forces remain our enduring source of strength; we will use AI-enabled information, tools, and systems to empower, not replace, those who serve.”

Regarding this exciting new teaming, WingmanAI founder, John O’Malia stated:

“WingmanAI is terrifically excited about our partnership with ThayerMahan. Their exceptional leadership team and depth of experience in the maritime, security, and defense arenas are a perfect match for our human-operator-enhancing AI agent technology. Together we are positioned to rapidly deliver innovative solutions in critical areas such as port and maritime security and interdiction of illegal fishing, as well as unparalleled human/AI teaming systems for threat and anomaly detection, scenario and environment modeling, decision support enhancement, and human-adaptive autonomous systems. “

ThayerMahan was founded by retired Admiral Mike Connor in 2016 to promote and provide the use of unmanned, autonomous systems in response to the needs of the US Navy and other government deep-sea domain awareness programs and missions. ThayerMahan’s CEO, Mike Connor, is excited about this new AI initiative and its collaboration with WingmanAI.

Connor stated:

“ThayerMahan is very excited to be working with WingmanAI. It is clear to us that the gaming industry is leading the way in human assisted AI and we see a direct application of WingmanAI’s cutting-edge technologies to the big data challenges of the modern war space as we develop systems that take naval expertise, sensor outputs from large fleets of autonomous systems, and fuse them seamlessly to provide timely actionable intelligence to battle commanders.”